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We approach each client with professionalism and attention. Together we find the best solution for your business and its needs. Our team is always ready to offer fresh ideas and creativity. We have many years of experience and proven integrity to all our customers. Good communication and courtesy.


Attention to each client

Good Solutions

Fresh ideas and creativity

Years of experience

Good communication

About Us

Yanima-Transport and Logistics Ltd. is a leading company specializing in freight transport and forwarding.

Yanima-Transport and Logistics Ltd. was established in order to serve you in the fastest and most efficient way in all your logistics, transport and customs issues arising in your daily life.


Air Transport

Air transport is a suitable option for the delivery of small shipments (from 50 to 500 kg.) Worldwide.

Road transport

We offer economical services for international land transport at reasonable prices.

Maritime transport

Container transport by sea is the most suitable choice for transport abroad.

Transport at -C

Transport of food products with a temperature regime of -20 to +25 degrees.

Insurance and Customs Representation

CMR Insurance is a type of coverage that allows carriers to legally transport goods within Europe.

Express and Logistics services

We make international express deliveries throughout Europe. From 24h. up to 36h We transport auto parts, personal luggage, industrial goods.

Oversized transport

Oversized transport is one of the most complex and demanding transports. Each oversized freight requires an individual approach.

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